The Toyota Techno Park is a leading organization in the Bidadi Industrial Area. The company has often spearheaded several initiatives that have added immense value to the community. Sustainability too is one of their core values and the organization has always been responsible when it comes to managing its carbon footprint. 

As a result, over the last few years, the company has been actively looking at rooftop solar as a possible means to reduce its carbon footprint. Between October 2018 and January 2019, TTPI, Cleantech Solar India and SafEarth have worked together to make this dream a reality. As a result, TTPI has been able to reduce its footprint by over 100 tonnes per year of CO2 equivalent and save over 40% of their electricity bills in the process.


We used the SafEarth platform for our Rooftop Solar Project and are delighted by their service. They have always been pro-active in ensuring that we get the best solution and we are very happy with the solution we received.

Narasimha Bhat D.K

SafEarth is proud to be a part of this journey. This is how we helped their transformation:

  1. Project Design:
    When TTPI signed up with SafEarth for its rooftop project, the first thing that we did was detailed engineering of the project. SafEarth designed a top of the line solar system that would optimize the generation and the investment of the plant. This solar system optimized the available rooftop area after taking into account the different shadow causing objects such as towers and other obstructions.
  2. Vendor Selection:
    SafEarth team then selected over 15 vendors from the companies registered on our portal. This included all the leading companies in the solar space in the country.
  3. Online Auction:
    We then held an online reverse auction on our website between the selected companies. Each of them got over 1 week to review our designs and ascertain their costings. Post this, they were all able to submit a detailed proposal for the required plant.
  4. Negotiations:
    After the auction, TTPI selected 3 vendors from the 15 participating vendors and held final discussions with these vendors. We worked with them to iron out various terms and conditions of the PPA to arrive at a Win-Win scenario.
  5. Financing:
    Post the sign off of the agreement, the selected vendor financed the system. Under this financing scheme, the vendor set up the system at their own costs and TTPI agreed to simply pay a fixed tariff rate. Hence, TTPI started saving on their monthly electricity bill from Day 1 without having to spend a single Rupee on the required CAPEX.
  6. Installation:
    After the closure of the financing, the Vendor installed the plant on the roof of TTPI following the best industry practices. The plant has been set up using premium components and has been designed for top-grade performance.
  7. Operations and Maintenance:
    The O&M for the plant is now being done by the Developer. The PPA sets out clear benchmarks against which the output of the plant will be evaluated. 

SafEarth has helped numerous businesses reduce their electricity bills and increase their savings through our online marketplace that makes buying a solar plant for your business or home as easy as buying a phone online.

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