OHMS Energy is a company that works towards maximizing your energy efficiency by solving common energy-related problems. Being in the industry for almost a decade, they have the knowledge, expertise, and the resources to come up with specially designed energy solutions for each of your needs. SafEarth had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Anuraag Gupta, Sr. Management of Ohms Energy, about some of their biggest challenges in the Solar EPC space, their plans for the company, and some interesting upcoming technology trends in the solar energy sector.

What is the story behind OHMS Energy and what is its vision?

Ohms Energy was incorporated to participate in India’s vision to electrify itself in 2010. As a result, Ohms Energy became the first company to complete and handover Rural Electrification Projects for the State of Rajasthan, thereby electrifying hundreds of villages. To augment this nation-building initiative, Ohms Energy ventured into the Solar EPC space and is now 4 years old in the Solar Industry and has completed more than 75 projects. Ohms Energy has the vision to provide World-Class Energy Solutions to customers and make them Energy Efficient & Self-Sufficient.

What according to you are the biggest challenges that are faced by solar companies in the country today? How are you handling these challenges?

The biggest challenges faced by Solar companies is the lack of entry barriers. This causes unqualified people to enter the solar business which eventually leads to dirty price-wars that impact the quality of the projects. The has to be an understanding that Solar is a 25-year product and the quality of the project has to be top-class. We are handling this challenge by focusing on quality and precision and educating our customers.

What are the biggest challenges faced by Consumers when shifting to solar? How are you handling these challenges?

They don’t have any clarity on how they will save money and what will be their real ROI (Return On Investment). There is a significant lack of education in the market, and no Solar company has tried to genuinely educate the customer in a scalable way. Ohms Energy is a team of engineers who spend considerable time with the customer, explaining them the benefits, the ROI calculations (realistic) and are willing to answer all queries. Also, hand-holding in dealing with the Electricity Department (DISCOM) is necessary as a lot of hierarchy makes it difficult for the customer to navigate. At the end of the day, customers want convenience and a hassle-free experience, which we try to give them.

What are the market segments in solar that OHMS Energy operates in? What are your plans with regards to the same?

Ohms Energy operates in On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar EPC solutions. We have done projects of various sizes, including 2 projects of 1 MW each, which gives us the capability to handle larger projects. Our team is committed to being an EPC player of repute and quality, and we want to get into doing EPC for Solar Farms and Large GW level Solar Projects, both in India and abroad.

How has the company grown over the last few years? How do you foresee this trend continuing?

When we started our Solar vertical, we did only 4 projects in the first year. In 2020, we foresee that we will be doing at least 30 projects. We are confident that we will achieve a run-rate of 15 MW a year by 2021.

What are some of the interesting technology trends that excite you as a Cleantech entrepreneur?

A lot is happening in Panel capacities, efficiency. But reducing the cost of Electricity Storage will be the biggest game-changer in the industry. Also, with cost reduction, the space occupied by Battery Backups are reducing and this will become a deadly combination to make Solar the most viable option.

What are some of the interesting market and policy trends that excite you as a Cleantech entrepreneur?

The reducing cost of Solar, Net-metering policies and Government tenders are the biggest opportunities in this year. Also, the availability of Finance for smaller projects will change the face of the solar industry in the coming years.

What changes in the ecosystem by policymakers, financing institutions, component suppliers, etc. can help in accelerating the growth of solar?

Clarity on policy, on wheeling charges, on net-metering will create a more suitable environment for the growth of solar. Ease in the supply chain will help reduce the project execution timeline. Financing Institutions need to come out of the mindset that “we will only fund projects more than 500 KW” if rooftop solar has to grow.

How can rooftop solar help in meeting the 100 GW target of solar photovoltaics?

Rooftop Solar will mark the next phase of growth in Solar in India. If India has to reach a target of 100 GW in Solar PV, then Rooftop has to show the way. The democratizing of Solar is the answer to Energy Security and Environmental Safety.

What distinguishes your company from other companies in the business?

We are a tech-focused company, with strong financial backing and know-how. We can handle all on-ground execution challenges in a cost-effective manner and also maintain the plants. We have a team of trained and skilful people who are extremely passionate about solar. Our customers vouch for our team and our dependability.

Are there any additional services that you offer to your customers?

We offer O&M Services and also assist in any of their electrification needs. Our T&D experience helps us offer end-to-end energy solutions to our customers.

What has been the highlight of OHMS Energy’s journey so far?

Our excellent track record of executing high-quality projects.

What are the milestones that you have set for the company in the next few years?

We are gearing up to garner orders worth 100 MW in the next 3 years.

What is your feedback on SafEarth and how can we make our services better for you?

It is a great initiative for the Solar industry and we are sure it will help both the companies to make the earth a greener place by promoting Clean Energy!

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