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 Humanity is at a very interesting crossroads today. Ever since the industrial revolution, the net output of our modern civilization has been at the cost of the environment. Never before in the history of planet Earth had the total CO2 levels been above 300 ppm. We crossed that barrier in the late 1940s and the number has been rising exponentially ever since. Recently we pipped the 400ppm mark.

The global carbon emissions are at an all-time high and rising. At this rate, soon, things will turn from bad to terrifying.

The ecological changes taking place around us is an unprecedented event. What is more startling is the rate of this change. Reducing ice cover in the Arctic, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and constant large-scale deforestation are causing an imbalance upon life as we know it. The result of this will be unforeseen catastrophes at a scale we probably cannot even imagine today. We may feel that our technology will save us, but the truth is, the forces in play are way beyond the imagination of any of us. The Earth is ultimately all we have and while some may look forward to the day Homo sapiens are a multi-planetary species, the fact is, there will never be a place like Earth and we are destroying it.

We are accelerating towards a point where climate change is going to become self-sustaining. For e.g.: with increasing temperature, the ice cover in the arctic region is melting at an increasing rate. The carbon stored in this ice is thus being released in the environment which is further leading to an increase in temperature. This is a negative feedback loop that can destroy everything ever built by man before the end of this century. Once we reach that point, there is little if anything that humans can do and we will be left at the mercy of the planet. Humans will not get the chance to dictate the future of the human civilization and hence, the only option that we have available is to dictate our future before we reach that point. 

There are some of us, who refuse to believe that climate change is real. To these individuals, we would like to say that the ostrich may perhaps be the biggest of all birds, but it isn’t the smartest. Simply by putting its head in the sand, an ostrich doesn’t avert any incoming dangers; it simply ensures that it doesn’t have a way out. It has lost the battle, all because it didn’t have the basic courage to acknowledge the challenge. Don’t be an ostrich. This danger is real. Unless we do something about it, this Armageddon is inevitable.

Saving this Armageddon from exploding, is the biggest challenge and opportunity for our species today. This is a challenge because this change will not happen easily. It will entail changing the fundamental blocks of human society on Earth. And opportunity because if this change does happen, it will lay the groundwork for a new and better human society for the next millennia. Humanity would find itself at the tipping point of exponential progress and generations to come would look up to us for inspiration.

However, this change is not a one-man job. We individually are too small to amass this challenge. Our collective strengths might also fall short but it is the only shot we have. This is a job for every man. Unless each one of us goes out there and decides that we will do our bit, that we will make those around us do their bit, that we will lead this change, unless we do that, we don’t stand a chance. Sometimes, 1 plus 1 isn\’t 2, it is 11. This is one of those times. By simply coming together in this period of great need, we will not just get the best out of ourselves and our peers, we will increase the potential of what this best could be. If alone I can go from 0 to 10, then by coming together, we can become a 100. This is the only chance we have.

Fortunately, mankind today has the resources and the technology that we need to shift to build a sustainable society. Clean Energy, Electric Vehicles, Smart Water and Waste Management, Smart Irrigation, etc. are not technologies that are only present in a lab. Today, these are the realities of our time and if only we can amass enough public support to this cause, we will rectify the wrongs of the past centuries. We have the technology and resources. All we need is the desire. If only we truly desire it, it will be ours to attain. The question is, can enough of us truly desire this world while we still have a choice?

We truly believe that human civilization is capable of creating a better world. Our ability to come together and fight for a common cause has allowed humans to achieve all that they have thus far. It is what will get us through these times. We truly believe that deep down each of us wants this change. We all want to create a better world than the one that we were born into. After all, none of us wanted Pandora to be destroyed in Avatar. We truly believe that each one of us is capable of doing their best. We truly believe that together we can come out on the other side, stronger and victorious. Sometimes, all that you truly need to do something great, is to get started. Sometimes, all that a start needs, is a little push.

With the hope of being one of those who can provide that push, we have started SafEarth Clean Technologies.

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