Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational Trust (SDME Trust), Ujire is a premier-non-profit educational organization, functioning under the aegis of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala, which is known for a unique embodiment of Dharma. It is renowned for its Lord Manjunatha Swamy temple and the Dharmadhikari known as Heggade who practice ‘Annadana’, ‘Vastradana’, ‘Aushadhadhana’, ‘Vidyadana’, rural development and social service. 

SDME Trust has under its wings more than 25 recognized educational institutions imparting quality education from the primary level to the postgraduate level. The colleges include Medical, Dental, Engineering, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Law, IMD, Business Management and Physiotherapy. 

As a result, over the last few years, the company has been actively looking at rooftop solar as a possible means to reduce its carbon footprint. This is where SafEarth came in and helped make their dream become a reality. The Rooftop CAPEX Solar installation of 1600 kW has helped SDME Trust Phase 2 reduce 3315 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

Project Details : 

Size1600 kW
Commercial Operation Date (COD)September 2020
Type Rooftop
Financing ModeCAPEX
Execution Time5 Months
Annual Generation2,368,000 kWh
CO2 Reduction3315 Tonnes
Levelized Cost of Energy< INR 2.1 / kWh

*Graph of Total Annual Cash Flow

The exact details are confidential. This is for visual representation only. 

The project closed with significant benefits to the off-taker and the company stands to save upwards of with the installation of the rooftop solar system by SafEarth.

Project Workflow

SafEarth is proud to be a part of this journey. This is how we helped their transformation:

Project Design: 

Upon signing with SDMe Trust Phase 2, SafEarth first visited the site and made a detailed engineering report for the project. The designed system optimized the generation and the return on investment of the plant. Best industry practices have been used in this system.

Vendor Selection: 

The SafEarth team then selected 14 pre screened vendors from the companies registered on our portal. All these companies are industry leaders.

Online Auction:

These companies were given a week to review the Detailed Engineering to help them ascertain their costs up to 99% accuracy. They then participated in an Online Reverse Auction on our Platform.

*Graph of Auction Analysis

The exact details are confidential. This is for visual representation only. 


After the auction, SDME Trust Phase 2 selected a vendor from the 14 participating pre screened vendors and held final discussions with this vendor. We worked with them to iron out various terms and conditions of the contract to arrive at a Win-Win scenario. This ensured protections for the client as well as the vendor.


After the closure of the financing negotiations, the Vendor installed the plant on the roof of the industry following the best in industry practices. The plant has been set up using premium components and has been designed for top-grade performance.

Quality Assurance by SafEarth:

Before Commissioning and Handing over the plant, a project go through multiple quality checks i.e., at the initial phase of the project, during installation and before commissioning. The SafEarth quality team visited the site and identified any punch points. The plant was handed over only after resolving these punch points.

Operations and Maintenance:

The O&M for the plant is now being done by the Vendor. The contract sets out clear benchmarks against which the output of the plant will be evaluated.

Auction Summary 

Number of Bidders14
Total Number of Bids35
No. of Bidders Matching1
Average Savings~ ₹ 20,00,00,000
Closure Time – Post Auction15 Working Days

Final Outcome of Project

SafEarth has helped SDME Trust Phase 2 reduce its carbon footprint by 3315 tonnes per year of CO2 equivalent and save over 85% of their electricity bills in the process. The Company was able to get the best quality solar plant without having to worry about any aspect of the project and as a result, they have awarded additional projects to SafEarth.

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